Ngoc Anh Nguyen

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Ngoc Anh Nguyen

März 2015
MD.H Standort: 
Bachelorarbeit: „Nutzungsanalyse des Physically Based Shadings in Game Engines für Artist

My name is Nguyen Ngoc Anh and I am an aspiring 3D Artist. This March I will have finished my studies in Game Design with specialization on Game Art and I will be available for hiring. My strong points lie in 3D modelling of characters and props, especially in my curiosity in investigating new and different Workflows. Next to 3ds max, xNormal, Photoshop and zBrush my weapons of choice are Unity, UDK 3 and Unreal Engine 4.

Studienprojekt: „Dreamcatcher-Insomnia“, „Trash Clash



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