Sheila Verseck

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Sheila Verseck

February 2015
MD.H Standort: 
Bachelorarbeit: „Goal of this Bachelor thesis is to animate a transformation from human to animal

As an aspiring game artist, I am in my 7th semester at the Mediadesign University of applied science in Berlin, and currently writing my Bachelor thesis.

As an artist I am very driven, capable of working independently and quickly, and always open to new ideas. During my internship, I have already had the opportunity to gain experience with making promotional graphics, banners, and designing ad flyers. I like to invest a lot of energy in my work, and qualified for the Germany Scholarship in 2013.

In my course of studies, I have specialised in game art, specifically illustrations and character design. Thanks to the extensive coursework at my university, I feel confident in my abilities in handling 3D graphic programs, as well as modelling, unwrapping, and texturing. I also have a basic understanding of rigging and 3D animation. Among other programs, I use Adobe Photoshop, Flash, ZBrush, and 3ds Max for my work.

Studienprojekt: „Trash Clash



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