Semesterarbeit im Fachbereich Gamedesign, 2016

Plattform: PC

Software: Unreal 4.10.2

Team: SevenStories

Sebastian Jantschke, Lena Eisermann, Tobias Winter, Sergej Lopatkin, Marcel Müller, Alexander Stock, Timo Hechemer, Christopher Much, Luka Kancheli

Prof. Dominik Mieth
Prof. Dr. Christoph Minnameier
Jakob Thomsen
Utz Wagner
Henning Janssen

Memories of a past life – lost and buried under the weight of oblivion.
An old debt that was never settled.
And a journey between life and death.

MEMORIUM is a first person mystery game with a focus on storytelling and atmosphere. An old man, lying on his deathbed, goes on a journey through his fragmented, dementia-ridden memories. As his life passes before his eyes for the last time, a dark secret is revealed.

The game is currently being developed in German. It includes approximately 15 to 20 minutes of playtime and three different level areas: A dark mine, an old house and a mysterious forest.

The actual part of the game serves as a demo for the whole product. It picks up the action from one of five memory sequences that are planned, if the work on the game continues further.

We finished the demo within five weeks during our project phase at the end of the third semester.