Interdisziplinäre Semesterarbeit im Fachbereich Gamedesign und Digital Film Design, 2015

Unreal Engine 4, C++

Christian Brandt von Fackh, Simon Klinz, Sarah Hümmer, Ferris Friebe, Rabea Peters, Moritz Peters, Jens Burgdorf, Tim Lönnecker, Diana Baumann, Dustin Paasch, Ralf Lange, Regina Reidinger, Markus Weigel

Prof. Don-Oliver Matthies
Prof. Thomas Langhanki
Christoph Pech
Prof. Frank Ringwald
Prof. Christian Malterer

ToLBA is a Multiplayer Action Roleplay Game for Windows PC. The game revives the core gameplay of FPS-Arena games (Quake, Unreal Tournament) and translates it into a melee combat system.

ToLBA is about fearsome gladiators fighting for honor and glory. You, as the player, are one of these gladiators going through various battles in the arenas of Landor.

Master the dynamic combat system, gain map control and gather power-ups and last but not least, let the arenas audience know, that you alone are the god of the arena. Impress with heroic actions, skillful dodges and brutal executions! The more the crowd cheers you, the more you will fall into a glorious Battlerage.

ToLBA is our first try on an interdisciplinary game project between GD1012 (Game Design, fifth term), GD1013 (Game Design, third term) and DFD1012 (Digital Film Design, fifth term) and our first try on a multiplayer 3D game.