Golden Nail for Alumna Ann-Kathrin Peuthen at the ADC Talent Award


We congratulate our alumna Ann-Kathrin Peuthen on her outstanding success at the ADC Art Directors Club Talent Award! Ann-Kathrin, a graduate of the Media Design program, won the coveted Golden Nail with her inspiring final project "Xenotop - The Surreal Geometry of Fractal Mathematics".

ADC Talent Award 2023

Xenotop - The surreal geometry of fractal mathematics and its significance for the design of the future.

In her work Ann-Kathrin asks the question whether a human being can create something new that is not just a modified copy of already existing things. She explores what designs we would develop if we had no preferences, ideas or experiences. Her answer is a fascinating alien flora based on fractal geometry, which she presents in the form of a bound encyclopedia.

By using mathematics and special programs such as Mandelbulb 3D, Zbrush and Photoshop, Ann-Kathrin created a new nature. She gave the resulting plants names and characteristics, categorized them, and translated them into Latin according to the teachings of the species. With detailed illustrations and descriptions, she brought the habitat of these plants to life.

The ADC Talent Award is a major event in the creative industry and recognizes young talent. We are proud that our students and alumni have swept up a total of six coveted awards. Ann-Kathrin Peuthen winning the Golden Nail is an outstanding achievement and a great honor for our Mediadesign University. Congratulations, Ann-Kathrin, on this spectacular win!