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Lehre & Didaktik

Learning in two innovative didactic formats

Mediadesign University offers its degree programmes in two innovative didactic formats. Traditional classroom teaching in small groups will be supplemented by a new didactic format from the winter semester 24/25 in Munich: mdh Blended University.


The mdh Blended University combines the advantages of the new digital and traditional analogue courses. Via the mdh digital platform, students can access all course content with their own account - no matter when, no matter where - with maximum flexibility in terms of location and time. The module content for each semester is available at any time in the form of lecture videos, online exercises, lecture notes and literature recommendations via smartphone, tablet or PC. The professors and lecturers are also available as contact persons in this digital concept, both online and on site in Munich, in order to ensure individualised supervision and continuous academic support through proximity to the lecturers.

Beyond the mere transfer of knowledge, a degree programme is always a holistic and social experience. This is why the mdh Blended University programme in Munich offers attendance phases in the form of optional block courses, which facilitate social interaction between students, exchange between students and lecturers and the development of a professional network. Moreover, not all course content can be taught exclusively in the digital space - which is why the attendance blocks also serve to deepen and supplement the individually acquired knowledge and to expand it in direct exchange with others. The proportion of classroom teaching varies in each module. At least 50% of the course content is taught on site - that is usually five to seven blocks per semester. Some blocks only last two days, other blocks last a whole week. The important thing is that the flexibility for students is increased and the compatibility of studying with family and career is significantly improved.


There are many personal reasons in favour of studying at the mdh Blended University in Munich. The flexibility in terms of location and time makes it easier to study in your everyday life. The digital knowledge transfer is designed for the use of smartphones and VR glasses, among other things. This also fulfils individual needs for micro-learning units at any time and any place, provided there is an internet connection.

Whether professional or family commitments require independence or the cost factor of a permanent change of residence, which would be unavoidable in a purely face-to-face programme, is the deciding factor: the mdh Blended University format combines the advantages of digital teaching and face-to-face events. In terms of content and intensity of supervision, the programme corresponds to the format of a traditional degree course.

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