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Graphic Design

Why study "Graphic Design"?

Graphic Designers turn images into eye-catchers.

You want to create advertisements with a strong visual message? You want to enchant people with your images? Become independent. Don´t rely on others and learn the art of graphic design to create your own material. We will teach you how to produce designs that draw the attention of your target audience. Whether you need the skills to create images for agencies, to develop presentations for your own company or to design an advert for your clients – at mdh you will learn to transport your ideas to the screen. We will give you the tools you need to turn your designs into layout material.

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8 months








Online (DE)



Monthly fees

EU from 349,00 €

Your Evening Class

The online course takes place over a total of 52 evenings, twice a week from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The fee is payable in 8 monthly installments and amounts to €349 per month, with a total course fee of €2,792 (7% discount for one-time payment). The one-time registration fee is €75. You will receive an accredited certificate from Mediadesign Hochschule upon completion.

The evening course in graphic design will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of design and media-related concepts, as well as enhance your appreciation for aesthetic parameters. You will learn to create graphics and work with cutting-edge design software. Finally, you will independently design brochures, advertisements, or posters.

Basics of design and image creation

  • Design & drawing
  • Basics of data processing
  • Typography
  • Visualization (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Digital image processing (Adobe Photoshop)

Print Publishing

  • InDesign & Acrobat
  • Pre-print stages
  • Production processes: paper, layout, print, reproduction
  • Conception, design and execution
  • Thesis

Your Career

Target Group Evening Class „Graphic Design“

The target group of this class are design beginners who want to learn how to process professional graphics, images or photos, to design App or Web Interfaces and to develop print material. As the class is taught in the evening and online, it is aimed at people working in day-jobs.

It is perfect for those wanting to get the right qualifications for the following tasks:

  • Professional design of advertising material
  • Processing of images, graphics and photos for digital and print media
  • Consulting services in companies and agencies