Gremien und Organe by Stefanie Sauer (Papierflieger)

Committees & Organs

State recognized and accredited design university

The Mediadesign Hochschule has been state-recognized since 2004 and has also been institutionally accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities since 2010. The reaccreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities took place in 2018. In order to enable the international comparability of the degrees, the regular reaccreditation of the study programs is carried out by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). All mdh study programs have been successfully accredited. We have many people working behind the scenes to continue to provide a smooth experience for all our students and staff.

University Management

Our university management is responsible for defining the principles of university policy objectives. In addition, the body takes care of development and budget plans, quality assurance and the implementation of evaluations. The university management directly implements the decisions of the Academic Senate. For example, they establish new cooperations with scientific institutions and business partners.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is responsible, among other things, for the election of the Rector and the Prorectors. It also deals with the resolutions of the University Council and participates in the preparation of structural and development plans. The Academic Senate also decides on the establishment and discontinuation of courses of study or, for example, on the implementation of teaching, studies and examinations at the university. The members deal with the legal formulation of the university statutes, procedural regulations for university examinations as well as commenting on study and examination regulations.

Research Commission

The research commission supports our lecturers in the planning, preparation and support of research projects.

University Council

The University Council advises and supports the university in all development issues and provides contacts in science, business and politics.


We employ experts from science and business. All lecturers are always available for our students.