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Legal Tech

Legal Tech

Visualisation of the legal 4-world model. Here: The world of the opinion dispute.

Practice exams with feedback

Practice exams with feedback

For more efficient learning, we offer online practice exams with immediate feedback.

Legal Tech 3.0

Legal Tech 3.0

The machine obtains the necessary information, the decision is made by people.

Legal Tech

Soft Code

Logical representation of standards: Conversion into logical soft code by Legal Designer.

Legal Tech App

Legal Tech App

Coming soon: Overview of the steering progress for the individual users.

Legal Tech

Comment function in the learning software

Communicate 24/7 with fellow students and lecturers.

Legal Tech

Responsive design

Multifunctionality: Every device becomes your learning support.

Your studies

The "Legal Tech" degree programme combines core content from law, software and design.

The programme trains the specialists that companies and administrations urgently need to finally advance digitalisation. There are no business processes that are not also determined by legal rules. Digitisation therefore means also being able to digitise the relevant legal rules. To do this, we use special methods from the latest research. This is the focus of the programme. Our graduates will shape the future.

The degree program is an online and on-site program. It combines the best of both worlds: on the one hand, you can study flexibly from anywhere (that's why it's online), and at the same time, you have synchronous contact with your professors through the on-site sessions (that's why it's on-site). In addition, extensive digital tools are available to support you in your studies. This includes recording lectures so that you can access the entire archive of lectures at any time and from anywhere via the internet, in high quality. Digital exercise formats allow you to receive the best possible feedback in advance, to see if you are well prepared for exams. Constant contact with your fellow students is not only possible 24/7, but communication among each other is also specifically encouraged: by incorporating swarm intelligence into the Legal Tech concept, you can provide feedback on the ideas of others and receive evaluations from others on your own solution proposals. In this way, Legal Tech allows the involvement of many employees across regions in practice. Companies can plan and implement internal digitalization processes more resource-efficiently and sustainably in this way.

3 Fakten zu Legal Tech

Legal foundations
Digital media

Your Program

Your study content

The degree programme is divided into a foundation course with theory and project modules on applicable law. This is followed by a concentration on digital tools to transform text-based law into digital law. The programme concludes with a practical phase and the final thesis.

In lectures, seminars and practical projects, we deal with the following topics, among others:

Legal Domain

  • Method of Law / Digital Method of Law
  • Civil law (basics)
  • Public Law (Basics)
  • Criminal Law / Compliance Law (Basics)

Tech area

  • Logic elements of the Digital Legal Method
  • Digital Tools of Legal Tech

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Program Duration

Study flexibly!

How long does the course take?

That depends entirely on you: All lectures are available to you individually 24/7. You can study flexibly and take your time or study in turbo mode. Use our flexibility to your advantage: study WHEN you want and WHERE you want. But stay connected with us and your fellow students all the time. Welcome to mdh, for us innovation is the middle name.

Your career

Target group - Who is "Legal Tech" suitable for?

  • All those who now see their future in the digital world of business
  • Lawyers who want to secure their future career fields
  • Team players who want to take advantage of the digital networking tools of legal tech
  • Digital natives who want to digitally fill established traditional professional fields
  • Creatives, with visions for the digital future on top of a down-to-earth basic education
  • Bachelor students who can meet corporate expectations for tech innovation and digital management

Your career prospects

The career opportunities after graduation are diverse. You can work in all companies as well as in "classic" law firms and management consultancies that are preparing for the digital transformation or are already implementing it. Your skills cannot be covered by the established managers in companies because their digital understanding could not be developed at a young age. That's why young people are sought after who can digitally transform classic areas of expertise.

This starts with the legal departments in companies, which have to cope with compliance requirements, for example, in order to make legal issues transparent for all employees. However, management consultancies and law firms are also facing a digital turnaround in a broad range of topics, as decision-making processes and workflows are becoming increasingly digitalised.

Public authorities, associations and foundations are also open to our graduates as potential employers. The field of activity extends to all fields in which the application of internal rules or legal regulations plays a role.

Incidentally, this also applies to the industries for which the Mediadesign Hochschule has already prepared students with its study programmes: Music industry, book market, art market, TV and film industry, performing arts, architecture market, design agencies, press market, advertising market, software and games industry.

But legal tech is not limited to the creative industries. Legal tech transports digital creativity into all areas of business and administration. Legal Tech is the stepping stone to management positions in all companies. The mdh stands for the seal of a fresh way of thinking even in traditional disciplines. This is exactly what is needed in the digital turn.

Typical professions are:

Legal-Tech Expert, Legal Designer, Project Leader; Digital Transformation Manager; Digital Transformation Consultant; Change Management Expert; Business Strategy Analyst; Senior Marketing Manager; Data Analyst; Innovation Manager; Agile Expert; IT Business Consultant; Head of Digitalization; Global Partnerships Manager...

Application & Admission

Your personality and talents are more important to us than perfect grades!

The best way to send us your application is by e-mail (or post) or via the online access to the Legal Tech website. We need from you:

  • A letter of motivation (approx. 1 DINA 4 page)
  • Relevant references and a CV with photo

Admission requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • or an alternative university entrance qualification in accordance with the liberal Berlin Higher Education Act

The mdh offers the possibility of having university credits from law studies recognised for the Legal Tech degree programme. Let our study coordinators advise you.

Personal requirements

  • Interest in innovative trends, technologies and law
  • Creativity and resourcefulness
  • Curiosity about human behaviour and product innovation
  • Teamwork, willingness to network, empathy and sensitivity
  • Enthusiasm

Monthly tuition fees:

  • 320,00 €
  • Reductions in tuition due to recognition of achievement have a cost-reducing effect on the total cost of the degree programme.
  • This results in total study costs of between 7,950 euros (lowest costs due to maximum utilisation of credits)
  • And 15,360 € (highest utilisation of modules due to waiver of recognition of academic achievements).

Registration fees

There is no registration fee for the online degree programme Legal Tech. No administrative fee is charged for the recognition of modules. Each recognised module reduces the total cost of the degree programme by 390 €.

Trial study

Just start right away. You can also start at any time regardless of the enrolment date. As long as you are not yet enrolled, just try it out for free to see if you like it.


You can take individual modules at any time without enrolling and complete them with an examination. These are exams certified by us, which can then be recognised in your studies if you want to enrol later. For a micro-degree certificate of 5 ECTS (normal subject module) including examination, we charge a flat rate of 490 € without further costs.

Second degree for law students

Shortened studies for law students

Your advantages:

  • Extensive credit transfer from the law degree programme
  • Parallel use of mdh legal-tech tools in law studies
  • Drastic shortening of the legal-tech study time via credit advantages

Advantages for law students, legal trainees & assessors:

Legal education at universities is still geared to imparting the qualification to become a judge. So far, it has not been geared to meet the changing requirements of the increasingly digitalised economy.

Digitisation means further developing the application of law through information technologies and excellently designed user interfaces. This offers great potential for interdisciplinary trained lawyers. The experiences of the generation of "digital natives" are actually excellently suited to open up new digitally shaped professional fields and to meet correspondingly changed professional requirements.

Law students can already experience how the application of law can be digitally supported with the digital tools themselves: The TakeLaw network enables professional support during studies from the 1st semester onwards. In the second degree programme Legal Tech, the competence can be acquired to design corresponding tools for the professional world according to needs.

Career prospects

Our graduates become sought-after specialists who can analyse legal business processes in an interdisciplinary manner, design them digitally and implement them technically.

Typical professions are:

Legal-Tech Expert, Legal Consultant, Project Leader; Digital Transformation Manager; Digital Transformation Transformation Consultant; Change Management Expert; Business Strategy Analyst; Senior Marketing Manager; Data Analyst; Innovation Manager; Agile Expert; IT Business Consultant; Head of Digitalization; Global Partnerships Manager...

Finn Möller

Finn Möller

"When I support students, I see the study effort with respect. I want to help work out drop by drop. At the end of your studies, competence may not be an ocean, but what you achieve makes a difference for students in your professional and scientific careers."
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