Silver nail for Cerecat at the ADC Talent Award


Alumni of the Game Design program at the Mediadesign Hochschule have received remarkable recognition at the Art Directors Club Talent Award. Their game "Coopbots" was able to convince the jury and was awarded a coveted silver nail.

Coopbots - The award-winning game of game design

In the 2-player online puzzle game "Coopbots", players immerse themselves in a fascinating sci-fi Egyptian world. They slip into the role of two lovable robots who have to solve tricky puzzles together. The puzzles are designed with playful platform elements and offer a mix of simplicity and fun.

Especially noteworthy is the focus on player cooperation. No puzzle can be solved alone, which means that constant exchange and teamwork are required. The prototype of the game already includes two thematic puzzle room complexes, which constantly offer players new challenges.

The talented group of students who have come together under the name "Cerecat" are behind the development of "Coopbots". Sabrina Knoops, Vanessa Rudewig, Moritz Skrzypnik, Lucas Boschmann, Daniel Klein, Felix Schneider, Florian Kirmaier, Christian Kuchta, Diana Gerlitz, Oliver Jung, Marc Wandrei, Sebastian Müller, Julian Knoops and Lukas Geppert have combined their individual skills and creative potential to realize this extraordinary game.

Art Directors Club - Talent Award 2023

The ADC Talent Award is a major event in the creative industry and aims to recognize and promote young talent. The ADC jury, consisting of leading creative minds, not only evaluates the submissions in the competition, but also awards groundbreaking communication achievements with the iconic bronze, silver and gold nails.

We are proud of the outstanding achievement and congratulate our alumni on their success at the ADC Talent Award. "Coopbots" is an impressive game that not only encourages collaboration between players, but also expresses the creativity and talent of the developers.