Visiting Hunan Normal University in China

18.03.2024 | Martin Adam


On March 11, 2024, an extraordinarily productive meeting was held at our partner university Hunan Normal University aimed at significantly enhancing the current program. Among the proposed expansions, it was decided to enrich the academic offering through guest lectures by Chinese professors and students in Berlin, thereby fostering intercultural exchange and international networking within the academic community. Additionally, it was agreed to augment our Media Design program, already part of a cooperation project, with elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and UX/UI Design. This initiative is intended to increase the relevance and practical application of the program, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Martin Adam an der HNU.jpg

The introduction of AI and UX/UI Design modules reflects the dynamic evolution of the media landscape and underscores the necessity of integrating technological competencies into creative disciplines. The planned international professors' conference on Artificial Intelligence, set for 2025 in Berlin, will provide a platform for discussing current research and developments in this rapidly advancing field, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and exploring forward-looking approaches to integrating AI into various scientific and practical areas.

In addition to these academic initiatives, the idea of organizing public exhibitions of student design and artwork as the culmination of joint projects in Berlin and Changsha was embraced. These exhibitions are intended to serve as showcases for the creative talents of the students and to offer further impetus for cultural and creative exchange between the two cities.

These initiatives highlight the commitment of both institutions to modernize academic education and to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills necessary for addressing future challenges. By strengthening international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas between Hunan Normal University and its partner institution in Berlin, a valuable contribution is being made to the global scientific community and the promotion of technological innovation.