ANIMA (Media Design)

Graphic Design Advanced Evening Class

Continuing education: Graphic Design Advanced

Develop your creative potential further!

Are you ready to take your graphic design skills to the next level? Our Graphic Design Advanced evening course offers you the opportunity to delve deeply into the challenging fields of brand and editorial design. In this course, you'll not only expand your knowledge, but also develop the skills to independently plan, conceptualize, and implement professional projects.

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5 months








Online (DE)



Monthly fees

EU from 249,00 €


The Graphic Design Advanced online course takes place on a total of 38 evenings twice a week from 18:30 to 21:00. The fee is payable in monthly installments and amounts to 249 € per month. The one-time registration fee is 75 €. You will graduate with a recognized certificate from Mediadesign University.

The course is divided into the following modules:

Module 1 - Brand Design/Logo Design:

  •     Theory Basics Brand Design
  •     Corporate design and logo design: Analysis
  •     Concept and implementation

In this module you will gain in-depth knowledge about brand and logo design. You will learn about the structure of a corporate design and a logo, as well as the design rules for a brand. You will independently create a brand and implement it step by step. You will learn typographic rules, color theory, composition techniques and other design elements. Practical exercises in common design programs will deepen your knowledge.

Module 2 - Editorial design:

  •     Theory Fundamentals of Editorial Design
  •     Editorial design: Analysis
  •     Concept and implementation

In the second part of the evening course, you will explore editorial design and its special features. You will learn about the structure and basics, experiment with design elements and implement them practically. Illustration and infographics are also covered. You'll learn how to prepare projects for printers and export the right file format for the medium.

Project work

With the acquired knowledge and practical skills you will realize your own design project. At the end of the project work, you will present your finished project and can demonstrate your design potential.

Module des Grafikdesign Advanced Kurses

Modul 1 - Branddesign/Logodesign:

  • Theorie Grundlagen Branddesign
  • Corporate Design und Logodesign: Analyse 
  • Konzept und Umsetzung 

In diesem Modul erlangst Du fundiertes Wissen über Marken- und Logo-Gestaltung. Du lernst den Aufbau eines Corporate Designs und eines Logos kennen, sowie die Gestaltungsregeln für eine Marke. Du erstellst eigenständig eine Marke und setzt sie Schritt für Schritt um. Dabei erlernst Du typografische Regeln, Farblehre, Kompositionstechniken und andere Gestaltungselemente. Praktische Übungen in gängigen Designprogrammen vertiefen Dein Wissen.

Modul 2 - Editorial Design:

  • Theorie Grundlagen Editorial Design 
  • Editorial Design: Analyse 
  • Konzept und Umsetzung 

Im zweiten Teil des Abendkurses erkundest Du das Editorial Design und seine Besonderheiten. Du lernst den Aufbau und die Grundlagen kennen, experimentierst mit Designelementen und setzt sie praktisch um. Auch Illustration und Infografik werden behandelt. Du erfährst, wie Du Projekte für Druckereien vorbereitest und das richtige Dateiformat für das Medium exportierst.


Mit dem erworbenen Wissen und den praktischen Fähigkeiten realisierst Du ein eigenes Designprojekt. Am Ende der Projektarbeit präsentierst Du Dein fertiges Projekt und kannst Dein gestalterisches Potenzial unter Beweis stellen.


The Graphic Design Advanced evening course is aimed at people who have already acquired basic knowledge of common graphic programs and have gained initial experience in graphic design (e.g. in the Graphic Design evening course). If you want to deepen your design skills and are interested in brand and editorial design, this course is ideal for you. You should have creative and artistic skills and enjoy planning and implementing your own ideas. Our course allows you to learn and develop design principles and processes in brand and editorial design.