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Continuing education: Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world of work!

Discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of work and use the latest AI tools to increase your productivity. mdh Prof. Roland Frank and his co-lecturers Ralf Jansen (AI expert and software architect) and Deniz Halicioglu (Senior Data Engineer), both from arvato Systems (Bertelsmann Group), will show you the many ways to become more efficient, productive and competitive with AI in this AI training course.

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Online (DE)



Monthly fees

EU from 349,00 €


  • Create your own virtual avatar and train it with your own voice
  • Write a technical article on a topic of your choice
  • Train a neural network with visual data - so that it learns the difference between an Adidas shoe and a Nike shoe, for example
  • Shoot a short film with the help of AI

The AI course starts on 25.01.2024, but interested parties can still join until 08.02.2024. The online course takes place on a total of 9 evenings, once a week from 18:30 to 21:00. The fee is payable in monthly installments and amounts to €249 per month, total course fee €498 (3% discount for one-off payment). The one-off registration fee is €75. 

By the way: mdh offers other exciting further education courses that are thematically interlinked. Participants save 15% if they also take the ChatGPT course, for example.

You will graduate with a certificate from the state-recognized Mediadesign University.

Module der KI-Weiterbildung

Expand your skills and knowledge in our AI training course "Use of AI in the world of work". In this practice-oriented course, you will get to know the latest AI tools and applications step by step. From the use of language and text processing algorithms to generative image processing and working with no-code and low-code development environments - we provide you with the knowledge you need to use AI effectively. 

The training is divided into 9 topics, each of which is covered in one evening:

1. What is AI? - and what are the application scenarios for AI? 

2. The basics of Large Language Models (LLM) - the potential of ChatGPT in text creation 

3. Language and text processing with the help of natural language processing and LLMs 

4. Training ML algorithms with visual data sets (Azure Studio) 

5. Working with generative image development 

6. Audiovisual production 

7. Extraction of data sets + generation of data sets with LLM 

8. Training ML algorithms with economic data sets 

9. Development of software applications with the help of No-Code-Low-Code + Code Assistant

"The AI course is aimed at all those who want to plan their further journey into the universe of artificial intelligence, but don't yet know exactly where the right starting point is. It's right here!"

- Prof. Dr. Roland Frank, Lecturer

Dozent für Künstliche Intelligenz Seminar


Our AI training is aimed at professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • AI-based efficiency increase of own productivity in the company 
  • AI-based creativity enhancement in a professional environment 
  • AI-based design of advertising materials for your own company 
  • Entry into AI-based content production 
  • Entry into AI-based software development 
  • Creative professionals who want to expand their design horizons with the possibilities of AI 

Take part and benefit from our hands-on course to unlock the full potential of AI in the workplace.

KI Weiterbildung Künstliche Intelligenz AI Kurs