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ChatGPT in everyday work

Advanced training: ChatGPT in everyday work

Increase your productivity with the latest ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4.0!

Fancy more creativity and less monotonous routine work? ChatGPT not only opens up new horizons in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, but also revolutionizes the way we work. This ChatGPT training is your ticket to a future where creativity and innovation replace routine work. Through numerous practical examples, such as the creation of articles, short stories, blog posts, scripts for YouTube videos, learning courses and podcasts, we offer you a hands-on approach to effectively implement your ideas and fully exploit your creative potential both professionally and privately!

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Monthly fees

EU from 349,00 €


The evening course "Creativity meets AI - ChatGPT for assisted content generation" takes place on a total of 12 evenings, once a week from 18:30 to 21:00. The fee is payable in monthly installments and amounts to 199 € per month, total course fee 597 € (3% discount for one-time payment). The one-off registration fee is €75.

By the way: mdh offers other exciting continuing education courses that are thematically interlinked. Participants save 15% if they also take the AI course or the social media marketing course, for example.

You will graduate with a certificate from the state-recognized Mediadesign University.

Course structure

Our ChatGPT training gives you an overview of the many possible applications of ChatGPT in the world of work. It's not just about theoretical knowledge, but also about individually developed examples and case studies. The course focuses on the question of how you can integrate the latest ChatGPT tools into your day-to-day work and what steps you need to take to realize the potential of ChatGPT.

Schedule Module 1: ChatGPT - Introduction and basics (6 evenings)

1. introduction to AI & ChatGPT

  • AI, ChatGPT and other bots
  • First contact - first steps with ChatGPT
  • Potentials and challenges of ChatGPT

2. ChatGPT in practice

  • Various applications of ChatGPT in different areas with practical examples of use, e.g. generating blog post ideas and social media content

3. advanced and advanced functions of ChatGPT

  • Deepening into special functions of ChatGPT
  • Effective prompting techniques & intelligent search
  • Interactive and intelligent text processing

4. security, ethics and responsibility

  • Ethical aspects and data protection in connection with AI and ChatGPT
  • Legal aspects such as intellectual property and copyright of AI-generated content
  • Discussion of opportunities, risks and responsible use

5. tips, tricks & hacks, practical workshop

  • Tips, tricks & hacks
  • Practical workshop with concrete use cases in ChatGPT

6. practical workshop ChatGPT

  • Continuation of the workshop using the selected practical example 
  • Presentation & discussion of the results

"Welcome to the fascinating world of ChatGPT! Increase your productivity and let your creativity run free with the impressive possibilities of state-of-the-art AI technology."

- Henryk Zdulski, Lecturer


Schedule Module 2: Content Creation with ChatGPT (6 evenings)

1. deepening in content creation with ChatGPT - an overview

  • Overview of AI-powered content creation, including applications and impact of ChatGPT in different industries
  • Discussion on the topic of content revolution: How does ChatGPT influence the creative industry? Opportunities and risks, potentials and challenges of integrating ChatGPT into the creative process

2. creativity on demand: ChatGPT as a creative workshop partner

  • Creative idea generation, brainstorming, topic identification, headline generation and effective text creation with ChatGPT
  • Use of ChatGPT as a research tool and effective information analysis

3. advanced content production and editorial work for media professionals with ChatGPT 

  • Writing, structuring and optimizing AI-generated texts, e.g. journalistic texts, blog posts
  • Creating scripts for podcasts and YouTube videos with ChatGPT

4. AI for authors and writers

  • Using ChatGPT to summarize books and extract information from articles and websites
  • Support for writing your own literary texts, poems, short stories and books
  • ChatGPT as a ghostwriter

5. what else can ChatGPT be used for in the creative sector?

  • Using ChatGPT to develop marketing strategies and convincing advertising texts and product descriptions
  • Have presentations created by ChatGPT
  • Be found better with AI SEO
  • ChatGPT as a simultaneous translator

6. looking to the future: the creative industry and AI future prospects

  • Future role of ChatGPT in the creative sector and its industry-changing impact
  • Discussion on future challenges, opportunities and future trends in the creative industry

Target audience

The course "ChatGPT in everyday work - Increase your productivity with the current versions 3.5 and 4.0" is aimed at creative people who want to expand their knowledge and creative skills in the following work areas:

  • Introduction to content production supported by ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT-assisted creation of promotional materials for their own company

  • ChatGPT-assisted promotion of creativity in the professional environment