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Social Media Evening class

Continuing education: Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing increases your visibility!

Social media marketing is an indispensable marketing tool for companies of all sectors and sizes. Would you like to use Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and co. professionally to increase your company's brand awareness and performance? Then this course is the right place for you! You will be given all the tools you need for a successful social media strategy.

This course is taught by mdh graduate Julia Black, who is currently the Digital Communications Manager for the FDP Secretary General. Last year, she also founded Polytics, the networking and order platform for political communicators. She has many years of social media experience in agencies and large companies such as Louis Vuitton and Axel Springer. There will also be exciting guest lecturers!

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Monthly fees

EU from 349,00 €


The Social Media online course takes place on a total of 8 evenings (2 months), once a week from 18:30 to 21:00. The fee is payable in monthly installments and amounts to 349 € per month, total course fee: 698 € (3% discount for one-time payment). The one-off registration fee is €75.

By the way: mdh offers other exciting continuing education courses that are thematically interlinked. Participants save 15% if they also take the Online Marketing course, the ChatGPT course or the Graphic Design course for beginners, for example.

You will graduate with a certificate from the state-recognized Mediadesign University.

Module der Social Media Marketing Weiterbildung

Immerse yourself in the world of social media! Our evening course offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of social media platforms and their specific functions. Practical content is taught in three modules to help you develop and implement a successful social media strategy. The course is structured as follows:

MODULE 1: Basics

  • The importance of social media: The new press release, the new billboard, etc.
  • From Insta, Twitter and Linkedin to Tiktok: Which is suitable for what and who?
  • Platform fragmentation: Latest functions in 2024.

MODULE 2: Strategy

  • Strategy development: Define individual main goal.
  • Target group analysis is king: Target group definition and discussion.
  • GDPR, image licenses, imprint, etc.: Legal aspects in dealing with the target group.
  • Competitor analysis: Knowing and analyzing competitors.

MODULE 3: Content planning

  • Time allocation and human resources: Who does what (well)?
  • Content plan creation
  • Sourcing material: Suitable platforms for images and videos.
  • Bringing messages to life: All about shooting schedules and the right equipment.
  • Guest lecturer: Graphic designer/videographer

"Social media is a daily newspaper and television in one. Nowhere else can you convince your target group faster, more mobile and more sustainably. The most important tool for this is building an emotional bridge to your followers. In this course, we practise together how to achieve the three golden E's 'Educating, Entertaining & Engaging'."

- Julia Black, Lecturer and Digital Communications Manager for the FDP (Free Democratic Party) Secretary General

Julia Black

MODULE 4: Content creation

  • The right format: entertaining or educational? How to find content that inspires followers.
  • Storytelling: Stories instead of press releases, what makes a good story?
  • The ongoing trend of short videos: Templates for reels, TikToks and co.
  • Goodbye weekend service: possibilities for pre-programming.


  • Budget question: organic reach vs. paid content
  • Ads manager and co.: Requirements for placing ads (verified profile, payment method, blue tick, etc.)
  • Creation of meta campaigns
  • Analytics: Measuring the benefits and what conclusions can be drawn from this, overview of analytics tools

MODULE 6: Community Management

  • Commenting: Golden hour after the post.
  • Netiquette: Correct handling of comments and messages, blocking or deleting?
  • Preparing text modules, do's and don'ts
  • Network building with the community (with guest lecturer)

MODULE 7: Challenges and trends

  • Corporate influencers: Why you should give your company a face.
  • Using crises to your advantage: Survival plan for shitstorms and hate comments.
  • Personal branding: How to position yourself correctly, profile as a new business card.

MODULE 8: Top tips

  • Summary: Top 10 tips for a successful social media strategy
  • Q&A session and feedback
  • Further reading tips 
  • Networking

The online course Social Media Marketing is very interactive; in addition to practical tasks and exercises, there are discussion and open question rounds, as well as space for your own application examples.


The evening course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in social media use, whether to start a new job or to improve existing skills. In particular, the following target groups are addressed:

  • Career changers in social media marketing
  • Marketing and communications professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and founders who want to expand their social media presence