Silver nail for alumnae Katharina Hengster & Victoria Eckl at ADC Talent Award


We congratulate our talented graduates Katharina Hengster and Victoria Eckl on their outstanding success at the Art Directors Club Talent Award! Their bachelor thesis "Powst - After the point comes the line" was awarded with a silver nail.

Powst – After the point comes the line.17.png

"Powst - After the point comes the line" is a comprehensive exhibition and design concept that addresses the question of what properties the design medium of line entails and how it persists in today's cultural concerns. The work encompasses the fields of communication design, editorial design and motion design, and stands out for its careful implementation of all relevant aspects.

The project includes the development of an exhibition on the theme of "line" with contemporary works of art as well as an adequate visual appearance, both inside and outside the exhibition. The two key visuals, the "Badge" and the "Tape", serve as a common thread and design recognition values. The "Tape" is used in various applications such as admission tickets, invitations, merchandise and digital media such as social media and the website.

Powst – After the point comes the line.


The work was presented in three books with a total of 1008 pages. The first book is dedicated to the scientific work, the second book presents all the design basics in a playful way. The third book completes the trilogy with a companion reading for the exhibition.


Art Directors Club Germany

The ADC Talent Award is a major event in the creative industry and serves to recognize and promote young talent. The ADC jury, consisting of leading creative minds, not only evaluates the submissions in the competition, but also honors groundbreaking communication achievements with awards in the form of the iconic bronze, silver and gold nails.

Winning the nail at the ADC Talent Awards is an exceptional achievement and underscores the outstanding creative potential of our students and alumni.