Innovations in the fashion industry - a project work in the BA Fashion Management

31.01.2024 | Prof. Britta Wiemer

Fashion Management students in Düsseldorf dealt intensively with innovations in the fashion industry as part of a project in their sixth semester.

They first defined a basic concept of innovation and identified possible innovations within the value chain, the product life cycle and the supply chain.

Fashion Management mdh.png

Through intensive research, they discovered that many very interesting innovations in the fashion industry were previously unknown to them as end consumers. Therefore, after describing the innovations, they created concepts for “branding” the innovations with the end consumer and recorded them in a joint book.

By working on this project, the students worked intensively on writing scientific texts and were thus able to prepare optimally for their bachelor's theses.

What is currently lacking in current literature is a description of the so-called fashion industry and its players that is as general as possible. In the descriptions of the fashion industry that have been published so far, terms are often unclearly defined and therefore these descriptions are hardly usable for scientific work.

The text below represents a first attempt at a more precise definition by Prof. Wiemer. It can be downloaded here:

The structure of the fashion industry:

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